Rail, Truck & Maritime – Logistics made easy through our distribution network


We offer trucking, storage and maneuvers services which assure an efficient and risk-free handling and distribution of our client´s products.

We have the experience moving bulk, heavy loads, palletized, concrete, raw materials and multi-products.
Our company deals with more than 6,000 daily shipments to more than 48,000 delivery points.
Cemex has more than 2,500 highly trained staff, over 10 years of experience performing logistic to other companies, in several industries (gases, chemicals, hazardous, general cargo and bulk materials)


  • 4,000 units from allies companies
  • 450 own units


  • 4,200 closed boxes
  • 10 locomotives
  • 28 rail tugs


  • 3 Ships (Golf of Mexico, 1 Pacific)
  • 1 Boat
  • 1 Ship tug

• Multimodal freight
• Maneuvers
• Storage and inventories administration
• Productive trucking schemes
• Mineral grinding


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