Port of Montana


Port of montana

Port of Montana

Connecting rail and road for speed, reach, reliability and cost savings

Strategically located in Southwestern Montana at the cross connection of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railways and the juncture of the I-90 and I-15 Interstates, The Port of Montana integrates the rail transportation services of two major class one railroads and the convenience of cross-continental truck transportation. This unique distribution capability is combined with easy transfers between rail and truck with full-service transloading and secure warehousing facilities. Companies leverage the economies of long-haul rail service with the flexibility of over-the-road shipping to affordably distribute automobiles, agriculture products, building materials, fuels, steel, ore and many other commodities across North America, into Canada and Mexico, and to destinations beyond.

As the only Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) General Purpose Warehouse within the radius of five Western U.S. states and all it offers in terms of location, transloading, distribution, warehousing, storage, ample land and industry-friendly zoning, the Port of Montana plays a significant role as a North American center of commerce and a worldwide distribution center.


The Port of Montana is designated a Premier Transloader by Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and a NetEx Certified Transload facility by Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS). Port of Montana provides customers with closely connected and convenient options for storage and movement of commodities, assuring safe, reliable, and cost-effective delivery of products. Port of Montana enables customers to:

  • Receive trucked products and commodities and transfer to rail
  • Transfer rail shipments to trucks
  • Make truck-to-truck transfers
  • Load and store products and commodities from rail cars to truck for Just-in-Time delivery
  • Pick and Pack

On-site support includes

  • GP38 Locomotive
  • Truck scale
  • Rail scale
  • Rail car storage
  • Crane
  • Inventory Control
  • Sampling
  • Document preparation and coordination


Port of Montana is an Inland Distribution Center served by both the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads—allowing for easy  distribution both east-west and north-south across North America. The Port of Montana’s unique location and customized distribution strategies that are based on specific business needs have proven to be strategic advantages. Currently, the Port acts as a distribution center for the following industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Auto
  • Clays & Sands
  • Building Materials
  • Fertilizer
  • Fuel
  • Mag Chloride
  • Metal and Steel
  • Petroleum
  • Ore

The Port of Montana has a proven history of designing unique business distribution solutions. We offer safe and efficient procedures, direct transfer between rail and truck, scheduling and shipment coordination, as well as storage and timely inventory control.

Warehousing and Storage

The Port of Montana is dedicated to helping customers expand their marketing areas by providing quality services complemented by efficient warehousing solutions. With 55-acres of outdoor storage and more than 124,000 square feet of bonded indoor warehouse space for dry bulk or liquid products, Port customers have the flexibility to consolidate or separate shipments for further distribution. Indoor storage is well lit and secured with 24/7 video camera monitoring.


  • Storing near rail and road allows customer to leverage the economies of merging long-haul box car transportation with regionalized truck delivery
  • Just in time inventory control
  • Pick and pack
  • Crating and repackaging
  • Cross-dock capability
  • Indoor boxcar transloading
  • Floor-level truck bays for handling vans
  • Enclosed flatbed truck handling
  • Customized inventory management

Outdoor Storage and Handling

  • Bulk, liquid and gas handling and storage
  • Forklift capacity up to 46,000 pounds
  • Piggy Packer lift capacity to 85,000 pounds
  • Loading ramp for direct transfer from end-dump to gondola
  • Conveyor system for bulk transfer between railcars and trucks
  • Paved outside storage
  • Railcar storage

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